How To Make Gasoline At Home

Make Cheap Gas At Home

                                  Ways to save, tips to help save money on gasoline



For those of you  who don't want to make gas at home. Here are a couple of tips to help save a little money on gasoline. If you have a manual transmission in your car you can save a lot of gas by coasting. When going down hill switch the gears to neutral and if you can turn the engine off, do so and let gravity power the car.

You can save on gas by checking your tire pressure. Low tire pressure causes the engine to work harder because low tires cause friction. Anytime your engine has to work harder your car drinks more fuel.

Check all of your spark plugs, filters, and sensors. It is good to do a major tune up on your vehicle because a well tuned vehicle runs more efficiently and burns gas slowly. If you have a bad spark plug more gas will be sent to the other cylinders to make up for the loss of power. If you have a bad fuel filter or air filter the car cannot breathe and strains the engine causing greater fuel consumption. Make sure to check your oil and filter as well. Clogged oil filters and oil pumps will take away from your cars compression and cause greater fuel consumption. Replace your O2 oxygen sensor whenever you do a major tune up because it tells your cars computer just how much air is going through the system to produce just the right amount of gas needed.

Traveling on the freeway saves you a lot more gas than driving on the street. Staying at a constant speed uses substantially less gas than stop and go traffic. When you stop your car at a red light or because of traffic the car will need more power to take off than while coasting at a constant speed. You do save more gas driving at 55mph on the free way but you save more gas driving at 75mph than 65mph of course you should never go over the speed limit.

Map your trips to give you the shortest distance traveled or map your routes in straight line shots. A straight line is the quickest way from point A to point B however you must put into consideration traffic and stop lights. Sometimes it will save you more gas just to drive a couple of blocks to get to the freeway instead of running into traffic or stop lights just to cut a mile or two off your route.

Bargain hunt. Some gas stations have better deals than others. You can find low cost gasoline depending on the city or state you’re in and fill up on the less expensive gas before you head to a city that has higher gas prices. I know you want to pay less for more gas, but although regular 87 octane is cheaper so you can get more gas for your buck, medium grade like 91 octane burns slower in your car giving you a few more miles to the gallon and its better for your car. High grade is the best to put in your car but is expensive. The best choice would be the mid grade to help you save gas.

Don’t fill the gas tank completely. The reason you think that the car saves more gas when the tank is at the half way mark is because it does. A full tank of gas weighs a lot more than a half a tank and the extra weight needs more gas to push. The same goes for your passengers. The less the passengers you have the more gas you save because of the weight. That is why you should take advantage of giving rides and ask for gas fare because you really do need it.

If you practice these driving techniques and then integrate them into your daily driving, you should be able to save a couple hundred dollars within a years time but if you're really serious about saving hundreds on gas this year and learn how to make gasoline then check out the how-to E-booklet "Gas Money" $9.99 print (soft cover), $2.99 E-book, or find out how to get a free copy.